Focusing on gentle stretching of the muscles and connective tissues in the body. Postures are held for minutes at a time with the use of props to access deeper spaces in the body and gently stretch without strain. Postures are on the mat, no standing postures. Walk away from class feeling relaxed and refreshed and maybe standing a little taller. Great for everyone!

*Also offering an Infrared Restorative class! This class is the same as regular Restorative but with added Infrared heat (Around 85-90 degrees). **Please bring a bath towel to lay over the bolster. You may also want to bring a hand towel.

*You can register by coming by the studio before or after a class, by mail (1338 Commerce Ave, Suite 109, Longview. Check made out to Holos Yoga) or pay through Website. Click here for waiver:  Holos waiver 15.*

*Please check Schedule online or on Holos Yoga Facebook page for changes to the schedule. There are changes from time to time after the schedule is printed*

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