Detox Flow

With the use of INFRARED* heat 90-98 degrees. We will be moving through a Vinyasa, holding some postures, folds and detoxifying twists. Expect to be challenged as you rinse out toxins from your body and mind. **Bring a towel!** I do sell Manduka hot mat towels and also rent mat towels. *MATS GET VERY SLIPPERY. PLEASE BRING A TOWEL TO COVER MAT AND A HAND TOWEL*

*Infrared Heat is unlike regular hot yoga studios, infrared heat actually has numerous therapeutic benefits. Infrared heat works by using your body’s own energy to heat the room as you move through your practice. Infrared heat helps to remove toxins that are stored in the body, improves flexibility and joint mobility, promotes healing, increases circulation, improves skin tone and promotes weight loss. Combining the 5,000 year old healing practice of yoga and infrared heat are a perfect combination!

*Offering Detox Flow in Power Vinyasa and regular Vinyasa.

*You can register by coming by the studio before or after a class, by mail (1338 Commerce Ave, Suite 109, Longview. Check made out to Holos Yoga) or pay through Website. Click here for waiver:  Holos waiver 15.*

*Please check Schedule online or on Holos Yoga Facebook page for changes to the schedule. There are changes from time to time after the schedule is printed*

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