Beginner Vinyasa Series

Great for a newbie or returning student that wants a refresher in Vinyasa Flow~Linking breath with movement. This class will be run in a 4 week session focusing on basic yoga postures, fundamental breathing techniques, postural alignment and moving through Sun Salutations. Pre-registration required for this session. These sessions will be announced through out the year.

*This is my only class that is run in a session. Please wear comfortable, stretchy clothes, bring a yoga mat, or rent one from Holos Yoga. If you purchase a mat from the store PLEASE air it out at home for at least a couple days before class, most have strong odors.

*You can register by coming by the studio before or after a class, by mail (1338 Commerce Ave, Suite 109, Longview. Check made out to Holos Yoga) or pay through Website. Click here for waiver:  Holos waiver 15.*

*Please check Schedule online or on Holos Yoga Facebook page for changes to the schedule. There are changes from time to time after the schedule is printed*

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