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Buti-ful Thoughts

As many of you have seen on the schedule, Buti yoga is just one of the amazing classes we offer at Holos Yoga and Wellness. I have had many people come to me and ask, “what is Buti?”  (Emphasis on the last part because many are a wee bit uncomfortable even saying the word.) Almost half the time, people lower their voices when they come to the word “Buti.” Perhaps because they feel like maybe they are pronouncing it wrong, or it was a typo. There is always the possibility that they feel can’t believe it can actually be prononuced the same way as your *ehem* dairy aire. I mean, it does feel silly, referring to your yoga practice as such. I totally get it because at first, I had the same reaction. Just in case you are curious.. No, you are not pronouncing it wrong. Buti yoga is a practice based on the SST (Spiral Structure Tequnique) which helps to build muscles in a multi-dimentional way. Think of your abdomen as a grid. There are muscles running North to South, and East to West. Our goal with Buti, it to spiral and pulse through those abdominals in order to have a well developed core. It’s like having, HD abdominals. Like, Totally.

Fun Fact! Buti is actually a word from the Marathi dialect which means “the cure to something hidden or kept secret.” It actually has no reference to the body part. As the story goes, the name came to Bizzie (the creator of Buti) in a dream, when Buti was still nameless in Hawaii.

I first tried out Buti when I was at the Yoga Round Up in Pendleton, Oregon a few summers ago. I had no idea what to expect when I stepped on my mat for my first class, but I can say that without a doubt, my life changed after that class. I felt like I had found the next level of my practice. A practice which not only put me in a blissful state of being (often referred to as Buti bliss), but also had the potential to help me transform my inner and outer worlds? A practice which fused together my love for yoga and grooving to music, all while on the mat? Bumping music and tribal dance?! It sounded too good to be true!

I quickly found out that that transformation of my inner and outer words would take dedication and perseverance. Because hey, I’m not going to lie to you.. Buti can be some hard work! I felt like I had a big “NOPE” written across my forehead through my first few classes, but all it took was consistence. Strength builds faster than you think when you are enjoying your workout.  I’m speaking from experience here, as a girl who has always been classified as “fluffy” or just “a little overweight.” Buti has helped me build a strong foundation upon which I stand today. I feel strong from the inside out. I am by no means perfect, but I can now say that I love my body. I love how I am, wiggles and all, and that is largely in part of the self love and understanding I found through practicing Buti.

There is a saying in the Buti community, to “sweat with intention.” This phrase has been near and dear to me as I have transformed over the last few years. When you set your intention, whether it is as passionate as cultivating confidence and self love, or as subtle as nailing your Warrior II, your intention makes all the difference. Because in my experience in teaching Buti, everyone finds their edge at some point in the practice. It could be 3 minutes in, or 3 classes in, but it will happen. When that moment arrives, it is helpful to have your intention to guide you through the moment.

I am hopeful in my pursuit of teaching Buti. Though the act of pulsing, jumping, and “shaking it out” is foreign for many in the yoga community, it undoubtedly inspires change in many who practice. My hope is to share this transformative class with those who seek another avenue into self awareness. With those who want to fall in love with their workout, and more importantly, their bodies.

It’s unlike any workout + yoga class you have ever been to, and I encourage you to take that step into the unknown. Starting September 11th, 2016 we will have a 5 week series dedicated to laying the foundation for Buti. Understanding the moves and why we are doing them. My intention with this series is to extend an invitation into a sisterhood of empowering women.

Also worth mentioning is that the price for classes for the 5 week series is cut in half.  Say what?

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$5 per drop in (cash only). Oh yes, we went there.

Thank you so much for tuning in for my post about Buti! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to contact me via Facebook or email.

Mucho love,


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Calm In The Chaos

Detox Flow at Holos Yoga

This past year has been an amazing year!  I opened a new studio, purchased a coffee shop, traveled to Belize, South Africa, Dubai, Spain, Morocco and on my way to Australia next!  Did I mention, I teach the majority of the classes at Holos Yoga?!  As I type this, things are changing at the studio.  Last night some of the windows came out and the dressing room came down for the expansion of the studio!!  I walked into chaos last night as white dust covered everything and items strewn all over the floor.  I decided to keep the studio open as we expand!  Uh huh…  It makes it more challenging to teach classes and remain calm and peaceful.  We grow through challenges right?  Right?  I tell myself that this is a good problem to have!  We need more space to fit all of the amazing people that are coming to Holos Yoga!  I feel so honored that you all have chosen to be a part of the Holos Yoga family and for being so patient with me during my travels, while I work on my Master Teacher training and expansion.  I am so excited for the future of Holos and I have all kinds of ideas!   I look forward to this next year of growing and changing with you!!